Saturday, August 7, 2010

Images of NYC 2010

The Naked Cowgirl of Times Square

I love New York City.

As a kid, I spent at least 3 summers here while Dad attended summer school, working on his doctoral degree. Then there were the times we spent just an overnight or two in the city on the way to upstate New York to visit family. My memories are patchy, bits here and there but they come alive when I'm plunked down in the middle of all the action again.

As a young adult I visited the city half a dozen times for various reasons. Then there was a long hiatus, some twenty plus years before I walked the streets of one of my favorite cities again, this time with my teenage daughter. Her enchantment and excitement made my experience all the richer as I witnessed her response to sights, sounds, smells of NYC.

The BlogHer Conference compelled me so completely that for 2 days I never left the Hilton Hotel. I might have been in Anywhere, USA. But with the final wrap up session of the conference today, it was time to once again walk the streets, experience the subways, people watch, and take in another Broadway play.

Something uniquely interesting attracted my eye constantly. Enjoy....

E Train
Times Square
View from Highline Park
Times Square Cops
Halal Street Vendor

Hot temperatures (I've become a wimp since moving away from Texas) in the high 80's and low 90's  mid day had me overheated big time, especially two levels below the street waiting for a subway. By evening, temperatures cooled off and the wind picked up. Glorious weather for a promenade through traffic, pedestrians and a never ending new array of sights.

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  1. Hi Kate...I met Mary Margaret in the blogher bookstore...I read her blog and now yours...I LOVE NYC too...and I live your photos. At times we take this place for granted.

    Going to enjoy following you! Trish


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