Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heading for the Coast

D and I are headed to the Washington coast today; a few days at a hotel near Ocean Shores. addition to walks on the beach we're taking in the Quinault Casino. We play the slots and never win or lose much more than twenty bucks at a time. Neither of us can stand to lose money. It's all good, although a walk on the beach will likely pay off  in the realm of spiritual renewal much more than a smoky, loud gambling hall.

I had a most perfect birthday yesterday.  D made it wonderful from start to finish.  The Wave will find eventually find its ideal spot in our home; probably upstairs in our bedroom. I spend so much time lying in bed writing (as I do now) that I'm tempted to place The Wave within view for inspiration.
Instead of cake, which I'm almost certain to have eaten every single birthday of my life, I ate pie. Weary of cake and craving fruit pie, we enjoyed a "Forest Pie" (boysenberry, marionberry, and blueberry) with
vanilla ice cream after a dinner of filet mignon and baked potato.  All at home.....we had toyed with the idea of going out to eat but since we'll be eating out on our two days away, home seemed best. He's chef extraordinaire (for the savory; the pie came from Whole Foods).

Now to pack up a small bag and head to the coast. Life is sweet. Life is good. August and the dusty days are almost over!!! I'm feeling better already.


  1. Oh, Kate, I'm so glad you are having a memorable, romantic, and adventurous birthday! Lovely. And I love "The Wave." Beautiful!

  2. My husband and children will often request birthday pie instead of cake. Could that be because I make better pies than cakes?;)

    Your week-end away sounds wonderful.

  3. I love the sculpture!! Can you get me one? :-D

  4. Hooray, happy birthday!! What a lovely gift! And yay for pie!!

    We love the WA coast - we go to Kalaloch and to Long Beach Peninsula.


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