Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Will He Short Out or Rally?

And the beat goes on with this darn guinea pig.....this time on Skype instant messenger tonight. We've been discussing my upcoming trip to Spokane this weekend.

She: You won't be able to meet my guinea pig.
Me: Why not?
She: He hasn't eaten much at all since we (?) got him so since he has a 15 day warranty, we (?) called and they said to take him in to see if he'd eat their food. They need him for like a week, in solitude!
Me: He's stressed!  Give him back!!
She: Apparently I wasn't supposed to play with him, take him out, or talk to him much for the first week so he'd "acclimate" to the new environment.
Me: Hmmmm
She: They refunded me the money. Temporarily; just in case he shorts out* and dies.
Me: Hmmmm

I can only hope for the best outcome in this setting. We'll see.

*short out: a commonly used verb in our family, applicable to anything from a blown fuse to a malfunctioning brain. Inclusive of the ultimate form of system failure: death.


  1. Oh, we went through this with my daughter when she wanted a hampster just before college graduation. We gave in because her life had gotten very stressful and we thought a little friend would help, and it did. Emma lived a long time and survived many travels. When Emma died I wrote a tribute. It was like losing the family pet.

  2. Oh, the poor little guy! Despite the impending "short out", I had to laugh (sorry). And I didn't dare comment on your last post, but my guniea pig, Snuggles, (a short-term pet in my parents' eyes) lived for ten years. Some sort of world record, I'm sure!


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