Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Wave Sculpture

Today is my 56th Birthday.  Check out what my dear husband gifted me with honor of our mutual love of the wave, my passion for blogging at Ahead of the Wave and the celebration of this, my special day.

Earlier this summer we stumbled on the gorgeous glass sculptures of David Wight displayed in an art gallery in LaConner, Washington. David creates his art in Bellingham, sharing his passion for the wave by depicting the three dimensional form the instant before the wave breaks, the precise moment of peak power.  He says: "With my sculpture I work to capture the beauty, grace, and power of water in its most dynamic form: the wave.Using the molten liquid of hot glass, I endeavor to create, by hand, a glass sculpture that embodies the essence of movement in water. Each sculpture is distinctly unique."

Oh my, but I love this glorious piece of art. The colors, the form, the force of movement caught in a single instant, frozen in time.

So beautiful from every angle, forceful yet graceful, the impending implosion of water against water, spraying foam and power, taking my breath away.


  1.'s awesome, inspiring and totally the best gift ever! Happy Day!

  2. Well, happy birthday again. The wave is gorgeous.

  3. Absolutely perfect. He really has been paying attention. Happy Birthday!

  4. I love it! I want one!


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