Saturday, August 21, 2010

He Tries Not to Buy Anything Made in China

My brother is a stickler about not purchasing products made in China. He says it's very difficult to universally follow through on his commitment but he tries. I admire his resolve. Things tend to cost more and there a few items that you've just got to do without. Amazing.

I saw this book recently, A Year Without "Made in China" and realized there are a lot of  people out there experiencing similar feelings about their purchases. I must say, my brother inspires me to find alternatives to the path of least resistance (e.g. "made in China").  His arguments are compelling.

But, what about athletic shoes??? Ever looked at where all of those are made?

Case in point: when he was visiting several weeks ago, I raved about my little butter pot and encouraged him to check it out. I was so certain that Butter Bell produced their delightful crocks in the good old USA that I started bragging on the company, made in America and so on and so on. He turned the pot upside down and what did we see?  Oh my....
made in China. Dang it!

Not to be discouraged (guess he's had a lot of experience looking for similar products made elsewhere) he came back later in the day with four butter crocks of a similar design (and more expensive; that's the catch) but made in France. He bought one for himself, one for each of his daughters, and one for my sister. Perseverance.

Yay for choices!  This Emile Henry pot a beurre looks every bit as wonderful.


My brother gave me an update on butter pots in the Houston heat.
"I loaded up the “left over” butter tub a couple of days ago.  Now I've found out why these little gems don't sell here in Houston (maybe I’ve never looked).

It is too warm in the summer as the house most likely gets to 77 or 78 during the day and I’ve noticed that the butter oozes down the container and drips into the awaiting water barrier.  Perhaps its one of those after Labor Day activities—and not after Memorial as it becomes a seasonal habit rather than year round."

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  1. Its weird that the butterbell was made in China... I watched an Unwrapped episode that showed how it was made and they were def. made in an American factory. Maybe some of the parts are just manufactured in China? Who knows...


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