Sunday, August 15, 2010

Would I Rather Clean out the Fridge or ....?

"Hon, do you want some help cleaning out your refrigerator?"  This would be me after opening the freezer door and having bricks of frozen food fall in my face.

"YES!", her response. And, I sweet it is. Now that she has her own place and lives in financial independence, my observations about her stuff  is, well....none of my "bizness".

Freezer before

But, this time she was practically begging for my assistance with a fridge and freezer overflowing with the good, the in-between, and the very, very bad. Love such a task, truly.

We filled a trash bag with discards and poured some nasty liquids down the sink but (sigh) there was still a lot of this being said to me...."Mom, I will eat that; save it! You need to ask me before you pitch stuff."  I rationalized that when visiting again in the fall, I'll maybe have another shot at the marginal stuff which guaranteed, will still be there.

There is food to feed a family of four for a couple of months between the refrigerated stuff and the dry goods/cans in the pantry. Hoarding tendencies, I wonder? 
Nonetheless, we both felt considerably better when the job was done even though there were compromises along the way. The only problem is....we restocked the freezer with 4 kinds of ice cream (why you ask? and to which my response will come in the next blog post) and the visual of the interior of freezer looks not much different than it did before.
Freezer After (with ice cream)

As for the refrigerator, be the judge.


Shortly before embarking on this cleanup, I mused.....and tweeted....'would I rather clean my daughter's refrigerator or visit my 93 year old parents today?'  My bad...I picked the refrigerator and meant it. I so need this little hiatus in Spokane.


  1. OMG...that looks like my 80 yr old moms fridge! Every time I go to visit, I clean out outdates, freezer burns, etc etc and then try and sneak it out to the trash and put it underneath all the other garbage and somehow, I get found out at least once! I should write a post about that...she never reads my blog, lol

  2. I can't believe it! I do the same thing as Teri! I am falling out of my chair LOL! This is a hoot!

  3. It occurs to me that there may be a difference between those who like to shop for groceries and those who would rather not. There are times when I will just about empty the fridge and freezer because I don't want to go to the grocery store. Then I restock and am all set for a while.

  4. How do two people have so much stuff in the fridge?? Crazy!

  5. you mean one person Chris? Kate has been gone all summer haha


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