Monday, August 16, 2010

My Daughter Buys Things...

Just to be clear, she and I had the conversation about how much is too much when it comes to my blogging about my daughter. Despite the rolling of the eyes and the stray comment here and there, fundamentally she is OK with me using her milder escapades as blog fodder. I never discuss serious issues or if I do it is only referenced by the word DRAMA, which she claims is still OK. Nevertheless, I thinks it wise to check in with her periodically to be sure we're on the same page. Affirmative.

Yesterday we went shopping. Allegedly we were in pursuit of a few items of great necessity such an ironing board, iron, and the little butter pot. The latter item is an impossible find in Spokane; we checked out Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Cost Plus, and Pier One. Even Burlington Coat Factory which I was surprised to learn sells way more than coats/clothing.

However, one does not leave a store empty handed when they don't have the item in question. Purchases were made at every stop.Yeah for me!  I paid for none of them. Although I tried to talk her out of some of these impulse purchases, it was to no avail. I guess she has money to burn right now. But still, who needs this stuff and who buys it?  Well, now I know.

Every thought about buying an inexpensive waffle cone maker for the two times in your life you'll be so inclined?  We tried it out last night; this fire engine red press the proximate cause for the newly lightened up freezer putting on some extra tonnage. We felt inclined to buy multiple flavors of ice cream to adorn the waffle cones. Obviously a learning curve operates when you embark on cone making. The first one burned. The remainder were better but ended up feeling  like a torch in my hands, even through a hand towel. Tasty indeed but doubt I'll ever make another. Guess I won't have to since the machine belongs to Laura!

Ever felt that a ceramic bowl in the shape of an ice cream cone was a must have?  No?  Me neither.

How about a ceramic ladybug that holds a dish scrubbing sponge?

Maybe a 5 x 5 square plaque that says "MIND THE GAP"?

We still haven't found that butter crock. I'm just back now from Williams Sonoma empty-handed. Guess I'll have to order one from the web site or buy one in Seattle for her. Now hat's what I call a useful item. Then again, 'tis all in the eye of the beholder.


  1. I went looking and quickly found a link to the Maine pottery place that makes butter crocks
    That's where we are going to get one.

  2. Love this story. It reminds me of my recent realization that I have a new friend in my life -- my 28-year-old daughter. It's a wonderful thing.

  3. haha I am an impulse buyer- but it brightens my apartment!


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