Thursday, July 17, 2008

"What's My Blog About?"

I'm leaving Seattle today, flying to San Francisco for the 3rd Annual BlogHer Conference. This is my first time to attend and I'm excited to participate but nervous nonetheless. From what I've read, this is a very common emotion among attendees. I'm honestly thrilled to learn and to feel the excitement that comes from participation in an event like this. The program looks terrific; there's something for everyone regardless of interest or focus. The conference coordinators have been sending out weekly emails to attendees, sparking interest and getting us pumped up about these three fabulous days of lectures, networking, hands-on events, and partying. (Partying? What is that? Hope I remember how.)

One bit of advice I've taken to heart is the suggestion that we be prepared to share with others the essence of our blog. In a room full of strangers, the blog is the common link that binds. What do we write about? What are our passions? Why do we do love this forum called blogging? People will ask and drawing a blank in the moment, uttering vague nothings, and redirecting the focus back to them is not what I want to do. I've also heard that most people have a ready supply of cards with their blog name and web address to share with others. I have mine ready.

What's my BLOG about? I'm going to post my thoughts here in the hopes that my newly found blogging acquaintances from the conference may surf through the pile of cards they collect and land out at my site to "check it out".

"Ahead of the Wave"
is a blog about my life: what I love, what drives me crazy, what makes me laugh or cry, and what keeps me putting one foot ahead of the next on those days when getting out of bed seems like an insurmountable challenge. I'm a mid-lifer, a nephrologist, working part-time at my profession and part-time as a crazed member of the "sandwich generation" (bookended between two 91 year old, frail and needy parents and a feisty, challenging 20 year old daughter). My topics are broad but all have special meaning to me and the composite comes (very) close to depicting the person I am.

I blog about:
1. My roles as a doctor, a daughter to elderly parents, and mother to twenty-somethings
2. ARUBA: my birthplace and forever "home"
3. Reading, writing, and poetry (mine and others that I admire)
4. Trees (complex topic for me)
5. Family history, traditions and celebrations
6. Mystery and Magic
7. Idiocy, lunacy, and frustration
8. My passion for a Red Dress

My musings are a bit of this and that. That's who I am. Maybe I'll see you at BlogHer or hear from you sometime. Cheers!

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